Buying Your First Gun Safe: Six Important Considerations

Buying a gun safe is a big deal, even if you're only a casual user of the weapon(s) you own. Especially with your first safe, you want to make sure you don't overlook any important details, under estimate or over estimate any of your needs, and of course, you need to make safety the priority. 1. Buy One Size Up From What You Think You Need Although you need to consider the location of your gun safe in order to ensure a proper fit for it, avoid a model that seems to be just the right size or a hair too small. [Read More]

How Do Monitoring Security Systems Contact A Monitoring Center When The Security Alarm Is Triggered?

There is a wide variety of different types of home security systems. Monitoring systems have become very popular in the last several years. These security systems are linked to a monitoring center that has the ability to contact local police authorities if an emergency should occur. These are the three different ways a monitoring security system can alert the monitoring center when the alarm is set off. Landline Telephone Alerts [Read More]

Keeping Your Ex Out Of Your House: What You Can Do

A breakup is never fun, but things get even more hectic if you split ways and you've both been living under the same roof. If you want to make sure your ex doesn't enter your home, especially when you aren't home, there are things you can do to keep them out. This guide explains what you can do to keep your ex away from your home. Get new locks [Read More]

Keyless Locks Help Protect Children With Autism

Having secure door locks may be a necessity if you have a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Often, children with autism wander outside of the house or even away from the home. The National Autism Association reports that almost half of all children with autism try to wander away from home, school, daycare programs, or the homes of other caregivers. Although it's a serious problem, installing keyless locks is one way to help protect your child. [Read More]