The Importance of Re-Keying Your Home

Instances When Changing Locks Becomes Inevitable

Everybody worries about how secure their space is at all times. That said, security means different things to different people. For example, some will feel safe with a lock and keys, but others will need the deadbolt and biometric access control. However, despite your situation, circumstances may arise where you realize your security has been compromised and want to change locks. You should also know that since a significant number of burglaries happen in homes where someone takes a key and duplicates it, it is evident that keys determine the overall access control. With that in mind, below are instances where it will be inevitable to change your locks.

When You are Changing Houses

One of the best times to consider changing locks is moving from one home to another. In such cases, it is always best to assume that the previous occupant of the house had a spare key and probably gave one to someone else. Note that you can never be sure of your security if these people still possess the key. As such, it is best to call a mobile locksmith and replace the locks as soon as you move into the new home. Ultimately, this prevents you from losing your valuables and facing other threats.

When Going Through Life Changes

Different life changes come with their consequences. For example, you could be living in the same apartment with a partner and parted ways. In such a situation, one person will have to leave the premises, and another will remain. Since not all breakups are amicable, you might want to change your locks to protect yourself from unwanted intrusion from the other person. Hence, calling a mobile locksmith is an excellent measure to safeguard your security. The same case applies to situations where you part ways with roommates or go through a divorce. More importantly, you should make changing locks an emergency if the other person has acted violently or threatened your well-being.

If You Have Lost Your Keys

Sometimes you might lose keys under genuine circumstances. For example, you could drop them in a ditch or a sewer opening and never recover them. In other cases, someone may deliberately take them from you. If this is the case, getting a locksmith to replace such keys only solves half the problem. This is because you may deal with situations where someone else can access your premises without your permission. So, if you aren't sure where you lost the keys, it is best to consider replacing the locks.

These are some circumstances where it will be inevitable to change your locks. Speaking to a locksmith is the ideal way to get an immediate lock replacement. It will also minimize the time of exposure to different security threats.

Reach out to a local mobile locksmith to learn more.