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Install Handicap Automatic Operated Doors To Make Your Business More Welcoming And Convenient

Are you opening a new business in the near future or looking to do a remodel of your current structure's entrance doors? If so, this might be a good time to look at just how accessible your business is for those who might need a little assistance to get in and out of your building. Here's why you might want to look into installing handicap automatic operated doors at your building's entrance or elsewhere throughout your facility or commercial building.

There's Meeting the Requirements and Then There's Going Above and Beyond

As a commercial business owner, you might be required by local, state, or federal statutes to provide some type of accessibility to your building for those in need. This might include the installation of a handicap ramp or a handicap stall in the public restrooms, for example. But there's no reason you need to stop there when it comes to making your building more easily accessible. Doors that open and close with the touch of a button will make your building more welcoming to all, while also serving to provide additional assistance with keeping up to date with any accessibility requirements or regulations.

Offering More Convenience for Those With a Handicap Throughout Your Facility May Attract More Customers

If you were to install automatic handicap doors not just at the front of your building but throughout your facility, this may make life easier for any handicapped person who comes into contact with your business or spends time within your store or facility. The additional convenience of being able to get through doors without assistance from someone else to open it by hand may make people with accessibility needs more likely to choose your store or business as opposed to your competition. They may also share news of your effort to make things more accessible with others who have the same handicap, possibly bringing in new potential customers for your business. 

Automatic Doors That Open and Close With the Touch of a Button Can Help Maintain a Safe Environment and Peace of Mind

When every door in your facility can be opened with a button, this will allow a person with accessibility needs to go anywhere they need to go without assistance from anyone else. They'll know that they can get to the other side of the door with ease and won't be trapped on the other side waiting for someone to open it and let them back out. This will create better peace of mind for all involved and promote a safe environment throughout your facility.