The Importance of Re-Keying Your Home

What Can An Automotive Locksmith Do For You?

Locks are necessary for security. A functioning lock keeps trespassers out of your car and prevents your vehicle from being stolen by thieves. However, you may occasionally lose your key or lock yourself out of your car. In these situations, you'll need the help of an automotive locksmith. Here are four things an automotive locksmith can do for you:

1. Unlock your car

At some point, most people will find themselves locked out of their car. It's easy to accidentally lock yourself out of your vehicle through inattention; or you might have lost your key or simply locked it in your car. When this happens, you may find yourself stranded somewhere with no way to get home. Fortunately, many automotive locksmiths provide fast emergency service for people in these situations. An auto locksmith can travel to your location and unlock your car without damaging your car door, window, or locks.

2. Recreate a lost key

Losing your car key can be a hassle, especially if you're unable to find it again. Many models of cars won't turn on without a key, even if you can open the door. Luckily, automotive locksmiths can recreate lost keys, even if you don't have the original. Your locksmith will create a key using their knowledge of the make and model of your car. You'll also have to provide proof of ownership before commissioning a new key. If necessary, your locksmith can change the locks on your car to keep thieves out; this step is especially important if your car key has been stolen.

3. Create a duplicate key

An automotive locksmith can also create duplicate car keys. It's wise to have at least one spare key available in case you misplace your primary key. When you're rushing to make it to an appointment, you may not have the time to locate your car keys. An extra key will allow you to open, drive, and lock your car in the meantime. If you'd like to have extra keys made, simply bring your original key to an auto locksmith at their shop.

4. Program electronic keys

Many cars utilize electronic keys, allowing car owners to unlock their cars from a distance. Electronic keys are very convenient, but they can eventually wear out once their batteries die. Auto locksmiths can create new electronic keys for car owners. Simply give your locksmith the relevant information about the make and model of your car, and they can program a replacement remote control for your vehicle.

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