The Importance of Re-Keying Your Home

Keep Yoru Construction Site As Safe As Can Be

If you are going to be having construction done either at your home or business, you want to take certain precautions to prevent theft and vandalism while the construction is underway. Some criminals will go around looking for job sites and places under construction in order to victimize them. A construction location can be an easy target because criminals know that a lot of times expensive equipment is left out and sometimes a part of the home or business will be wide open due to the construction going on. Here are some of the preventative measures you are going to want to consider to protect your home or business during the construction.

Let people close-by know what's going on

Whether home or business construction is being done, you are going to want to go to people that can see the site from their home or business and let them know what is going on, so they will know when to recognize suspicious behavior and report it. For example, if the crew will be on site from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM and not working at all on the weekends, then you want to let the neighbors know this. So, if they spot a vehicle parked at the site and people walking around after hours or on the weekend, then they will know to call the police.

Have the area fenced in

If the construction is happening on your home or business property at a place where there isn't already a fence, then you are going to want to have a temporary chain link fence installed that can help to keep trespassers out of the site. Also, invest in a very large and high-quality lock and make sure it gets locked when the last of the crew leaves.

Install a security system with cameras

You can have a security system installed that will protect your home or business during construction, as well as after everything has been completed. Make sure it has cameras you can view on a smart device form anywhere.

Hire security

If you are really concerned about the construction area and you feel you are at a high risk for being victimized then you can hire a security guard or even rent a security dog to guard the site after hours.

Lock tools and equipment up

You want to have a place to lock the tools up securely and where they are out of sight. You also want to make sure the construction vehicles are protected. Warn the workers to not leave keys in the vehicles.

Contact a locksmith, like Stephen K Migoley, for more help.