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3 Effective Ways To Increase Your Office Building's Security

Sometimes fencing just isn't enough when it comes to maintaining a safe and secure office building for your employees and visitors. Here are three things you can do to effectively increase your office building's overall security:

Incorporate a Smart Security System

If your office building is not already equipped with a security system or the current system doesn't feature smart technology, it's time to consider investing in a new system. A smart security system won't just record what's happening both in and out of your office building so you have a visual record in case of something like a break-in or fire, but it can also monitor each room in your office building and alert you if someone enters a room that's off limits or when people are using restricted areas without permission.

Smart security systems offer the ability to remotely monitor your office building too. Whether you're at home, on vacation, or in a long business meeting, you can tap into your security system and check up on any area of your office building. And you might even be able to get a discount on your insurance rates for installing a new smart security system in your office building.

Hire a Parking Attendant

Consider hiring a parking attendant to keep people from lurking near your office building when they aren't supposed to. When clients, colleagues, and employees show up to park and visit your office building, they can check in with the attendant and receive a parking ticket. The ticket should be carried by your visitors and employees to prove that they're supposed to be there when they come across the parking attendant outside. Anyone who doesn't have a ticket or a good reason as to why they're lurking can be asked to leave by the attendant. This should help keep the immediate areas outside of your building for everyone who visits your office and for pedestrian passersby.

Install a Control Access System

One of the best ways to secure the inside of your office building is to install a control access system near the front door where employees and visitors enter so you can maintain complete control over who gets inside the door at any given time. With a control access system in place, you can assign employees their own codes to enter the building when they work. And you can even program the system to limit access with employee codes to regular business hours so employees can't get inside at night or on the weekend without special permission.

You can assign a general access code for visitors during normal business hours, so anyone who knows the code can get into the reception area without having to wait for someone to open the door for them. And special codes can be assigned to technicians, cleaning crews, colleagues, and anyone else who will be visiting the office building outside of normal business hours. Whenever a code is entered into the system, it will be recorded and logged so you know exactly who comes and goes, and when.

Also, f you run into any issues with the locks in your business, be sure to get in touch with locksmiths who have tools like lock openers and can assist you with repairing or replacing any broken locks.