The Importance of Re-Keying Your Home

3 Tips For Keeping Up With Your House Keys When You Keep Forgetting Them

If you seem to always leave your house keys at home or forget where you put them while you are out, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to keep yourself from constantly getting locked out of your home. 

Hang Your Keys on Your Front Door

If you are currently in the habit of coming home and throwing your keys wherever they land, you probably find yourself making a mad dash the next day to find them. Instead of throwing them anywhere, have a designated spot to hang them, either on a plain nail or a hook on a fancy key holder you put on the wall.

However, make sure you strategically place your key holder where you are sure to see it as you exit your home. Put it right on the inside of your door, placing it eye level so that it is the last thing you see before you leave your house. Doing this helps reinforce the memory of where you put your keys and reminds you to take them with you.

Use a Big, Brightly Colored Lanyard as a Keychain

Take a look at the keychain you are currently using for your house keys. Is it a ring with a small, dull charm that easily blends into its surroundings, such as the bottom of your bag or even the door?

If so, consider changing out your keychain for a big, brightly colored lanyard. Use a bold color such as neon yellow or bright orange that will clash with any surface it is up against.

Even when you hang it on your door's key holder, the bright color will catch your eye. It will also stand out even in a dark bag or on your car seat so that you will be able to find it quickly.

Keep Spare Keys at Different Locations

If you still find yourself occasionally forgetting or misplacing your keys, have a backup plan by keeping spares at different locations. You could give one to a neighbor your trust that you know is home when you get off of work.

Or, keep a key in your drawer at work, along with a spare in a hidden compartment in your car. Have a locksmith make the spares, then distribute them in places you know will help you if you do not have your main keys.

Using the above tips can help you keep track of your house keys so you are not locked out of your home. If you need spare keys made or need tips on managing your keys, contact a locksmith service to discuss your current situation and any personalized options that may be available to you. Visit a site like for
 more help.