The Importance of Re-Keying Your Home

Have A Sliding Door? Know How To Keep It Secure

You may really love having a sliding door leading out to your backyard. After all, it provides a practical purpose while giving you a great outdoor view. Unfortunately, sliding doors are known to not be very secure when compared to a normal door. This type of door can actually be a way that a burglar will try to break into your home, due to the large pieces of glass that go to the ceiling. Here are some tips for keeping it more secure.

Install a Security Bar

Don't make the mistake of thinking that broken broomstick is an effective way to stop an intruder from opening a sliding door. A makeshift security bar will not be very effective when it comes to keeping people out. That is because they can break quite easily or be manipulated in a way that the bar comes off the sliding door tracks.

You'll want to contact your local residential locksmith services and have them install an actual security bar for you. They will be installed in such a way so that they do not break under pressure, and cannot be moved out of the track from the outside.

Install a New Lock

Another reason that a sliding door can be a weak point in a home's security is due to the locking mechanism. Many homeowners rely on the lock that was built into the sliding glass door, and do not add any additional locks that are more secure. For instance, a double-bolted lock was made just for sliding doors, and can give you much more security than the standard locking clasp that came with the door.

Locks can even be installed on the sliding mechanism to prevent the door from coming off the track, which makes it harder for somebody to break in.

Install Window Film

Sometimes the best defense is to change the door so that people cannot see into your home. You can cover the glass door with a window film that no longer makes it transparent, all while letting in natural light during the day. A window film is easy enough to install on your own, which makes this a cheap security upgrade for your home.

Install Alarm System Sensors

Look at your alarm system and what kind of sensors they have for sliding doors. You can have an alarm go off if someone opens the sliding door, or if someone were to shatter the glass while the alarm is set.