The Importance of Re-Keying Your Home

Have A Clever Dog? Install Locks In Your Home To Avoid Opened Pathways

Some dogs want nothing more than to relax on a couch or bed. But, your dog may be curious, creative, and smart, which can lead to complications when it comes to keeping things locked.

If you have noticed that your dog is able to open doors when you have them closed, you should start investing in preventive measures to keep them from getting in the wrong places. The easiest way to handle this process is to hire a locksmith to work on a few installations to the property.

Interior Doors

The interior doors in your home may not have locks except for the bathroom. So, when you close the bedroom or closet doors to prevent your dog from rummaging around these rooms, you may notice that they have opened the door after coming home or returning from another room.

To prevent this from happening, you should install locks on the doors. You only need one-way locks for the closets, but you will benefit from adding multipoint locks on all other doors. This will provide some peace of mind because no one in your family can get locked in or out of a room.


The locks on your windows may range from functional to not working at all. Depending on the lock and the way each window opens, your dog may be able to use their muzzle or paws to open the window. Replacing the locks on these windows will keep your dog from getting able to get outside. This is especially important for second-story windows to keep an injury from happening.


If your backyard is fenced in, you may feel confident about preventing your dog from being able to escape. This may have required clever planning on your part to make sure that no trees, shrubs, or structures could provide a boost to your dog so that they could scale the fence. But, you may have a gate with a turn handle or lift latch that your dog could open if they tried.

Instead of hoping that they do not try to open the gate, you should invest in new hardware. You may even want to switch to a key lock to keep the gate from being opened without a key.

When you have a clever dog that you want to prevent from getting into a dangerous situation, you should invest in locksmith services to install hardware or locks for extra protection.