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How Do Monitoring Security Systems Contact A Monitoring Center When The Security Alarm Is Triggered?

There is a wide variety of different types of home security systems. Monitoring systems have become very popular in the last several years. These security systems are linked to a monitoring center that has the ability to contact local police authorities if an emergency should occur. These are the three different ways a monitoring security system can alert the monitoring center when the alarm is set off.

Landline Telephone Alerts

Many homeowners prefer a system that alerts the monitoring system by landline telephone if the alarm is triggered. When suspicious behavior sets off the alarm that is installed in the home, the monitoring system sends a landline telephone call into the monitoring center.

This system can be connected to the homeowners pre-existing landline phone line and is activated when the homeowner turns the monitoring system on. These systems can be installed quickly and do not affect the use of the landline phone for other calls, as long as the alarm is not triggered.

Broadband Internet Alerts

A broadband internet connection can also be used with a monitoring security system. When the security alarm goes off, the monitoring center is alerted through a broadband internet connection. 

A broadband internet notification travels to the monitoring center even faster than a basic landline telephone call. The difference in the speed of a broadband alert and a landline alert is similar to the difference in dialup internet and broadband internet speeds.

Cellular Alerts 

More advanced monitoring security systems send notifications to a monitoring center by a cellular uplink. This is the fastest way that a security alert can be sent to the monitoring center that is connected to your monitoring security system. The speed of a cellular uplink is the same as the speed of sending a text message to another person's cellular phone.

Cellular uplink alerts are often preferred, because they will continue to work even if the landline phone or broadband internet lines have been cut by a potential intruder. While this method of notifying the monitoring center is the most expensive option, many homeowners find it worth the extra cost for the added peace of mind that comes with an extremely fast notification.

Monitoring security systems are very popular among homeowners who have to be away from home frequently or for long periods of time. These systems can remain on for 24 hours a day, or can also be turned off and back on when the homeowner prefers. 

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