The Importance of Re-Keying Your Home

Tips For Securing A Safe

Owning your own home can be one of the most rewarding accomplishments of your life, but doing so is not without its challenges. Chief among these challenges is physical security. The responsibility of keeping your family and their valuables safe is an important one, and if you're looking for permanent solutions for doing so, a safe can be a great purchase.

Buying a safe, however, is only the first step. Modern safes are designed to be strong but lightweight and unassuming, and as such, can sometimes be stolen by diligent thieves. Below, you'll find some tips for securing your safe permanently in your home, providing you with the extra protection you need to feel truly secure.

Anchor To The Floor

Perhaps the most basic step you can take in securing your safe is also the most effective. A variety of industrial grade anchor bolts and permanent fasteners exist that will secure your safe firmly to the floor of your home. As such, it's recommended that you secure the safe to a concrete floor if at all possible, as doing so provides the strongest base.

If concrete floors are not available, however, there are steps you can take to make anchors stronger. If your floors are wooden, be sure that you've anchored the safe securely to a main support beam. You should also select hard wood if at all possible, as it is much harder to fracture than softer materials like pine.

Place A Steel Frame In The Wall

If you've selected a wall-mounted safe, it can be somewhat more difficult to secure it. Most interior walls in homes are merely constructed of drywall, and a determined thief will have little problem breaking down parts of the wall to retrieve your valuables.

A steel frame, however, can resolve these issues. A heavy steel case can be implanted in your wall and often secured to strong concrete elements of your home's construction, limiting outside access to your safe and guaranteeing it has a firm point of stabilization to latch on to.

Limit Information

It is often said that loose lips sink ships, and in the case of your valuables, it can be said that loose lips lose safes. If you've chosen to go the extra mile and purchase a safe for your home's valuables, it's important that you limit the knowledge of the existence of that safe. Keeping this potentially valuable information away from poorly intentioned ears will provide you with a yet another layer of protection that will allow your most important treasures to stay secure for years to come. Talk to a professional like Bellows Locksmith for more advice.